Something Old, Something New...

We’re back! As many of you know, I switched firms for the first time in my career (after over 30 years at the first one) last summer. It’s taken a while for us to get a website up and running, but I’m now ready to continue our blog – Estate of the Union. We will periodically cover a variety of topics related in some way to estate planning and probate issues. These will relate to wills, trusts, guardianships, disability documents (such as financial and medical powers of attorneys and advance directives, or “living wills”), transfer taxes (such as the dreaded “death tax), business succession planning, and more.

For the first entry, we’re recycling something old, and adding something new. Our 2011 Texas “Probate and Trust” Legislative Update has been moved to this site so that you can download it from us. And we've added an online version of the 2009 update. Since we don’t anticipate any future changes, these should be the final, final, versions.

And for something new, two items. In October I presented a somewhat modified version of the 2011 legislative update that focused on drafting and forms generated by the 2011 changes. There are numerous attachments that you may find helpful.

And finally, my 2013 legislative update. This will be updated frequently throughout the 2013 legisative session and beyond.

You can download any of these attachments by going to our Resources page and scrolling down to "For Professional Advisors."

Happy Reading!