For Current and Prospective Clients

A question-and-answer format memo designed to provide basic information about the estate planning process, including estate and gift tax planning, prior to embarking on “the estate planning journey.”

Questionnaires designed to assist new clients assemble their thoughts prior to an initial estate planning conference.

Information about a new (since 2011) estate tax technique allowing one spouse to transfer their “unused” tax-free amount to the other spouse at the first spouse’s death.

Information focused on estate planning issues for those without estate tax issues.


COVID-19 Resources

Here is a guide for attorneys discussing options for execution of estate planning documents during this period of social distancing, along with an updated article on electronic execution of estate planning documents.


For Professional Advisors

Bill Pargaman was chair of the Estate and Trust Legislative Affairs Committee of the Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Texas during the 2009, 2011, and 2013 legislative sessions, and continues to prepare the legislative update paper. These are his updates of changes during those and subsequent sessions affecting probate, guardianships, trusts, powers of attorney, and other areas of interest to estate and probate practitioners.

A description of the background behind Texas' current Estates Code that replaced the 58-year-old Probate Code on January 1, 2014